Male Pomsky Puppy, Bolt - Mythicpomskies
Female Black & White Tri Pomsky Puppy, Kira #2 - Mythicpomskies

Hello and Welcome to Mythicpomskies, I am a dedicated Pomsky breeder that wants to bring you the best possible Quality, in a lifetime companion. That's why here at Mythicpomskies I spend every possible minute watching and taking care of my Puppies, they are rasied right inside my own home, with me right there at the start. I take time socializing my puppies right from birth, to ensure the best possible temperament in your investment.

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Mythic Pomskies

Welcome To Mythic Pomskie's 

Female Black & White Tri Pomsky Puppy, Kira - Mythicpomskies

Pomskies are a hybrid cross between a Husky and a Pomeranian. Mythic pomskies is home to some of the most beautiful Pomskie's, And we also work hand in hand with one of the best pomeranian breeders to bring you the highest quality you deserve in a lifetime companion. There is so much to be said about this great breed. These's dogs take on the best charactersitics of both breeds. They're such a wonderful dog. We value our dogs for the amazing companions that they are. You can learn more about Pomskies by browsing our site. Be sure to also check out ourpuppies for sale  and information on ourupcoming litters